Tall Order featured in Luxe Life NYC Father's Day Gift Guide!

We say that all good footwear deserves great socks and our current favorite is Tall Order which not only creates extra long socks for the tall guys in your life, but also makes the standard 9-11 sizing (by the way, Tall Order is created for men but work fine for ladies as well). You will not only enjoy the quality but the patterns run the whole gamut from plain black to beer stein patterns which remind me a lot of Nicole Miller’s legendary vintage prints of the 80s. You’ll get a kick out of the names as well; included are names of friends and family of the founders Dan and Mike Friedman who are highly creative and resourceful Valley Stream, Long Island natives who stand an incredible 6’11” and 6’9.” Dan and Mike sadly lost their father on 9/11 and that is why a portion of all Tall Order socks go to the 9-11 survivor charity called Tuesday’s Children. The company was started with a small business grant sponsored by FedEx and the Friedman’s entered a highly competitive contest to get it. We here at Luxe Life NYC have a soft spot for Tall Order’s South Shore Collection which are novelty socks featuring beer steins (pictured above), golf tees, footballs, tennis rackets, wine bottles and more. We think any dad would love getting socks with his hobbies or interests on them, so that is why there are a winner and must have for Father’s Day gifting. Tall Order socks are about $15 per pair. 

Written by Veteran Journalist/Editor Anne Raso

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