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Designer Socks Made for All Sizes

Tall Order was founded on the belief that people of all shapes and sizes deserve to love what they are wearing. That is why our designer socks are offered in a variety of sizes, accommodating both people with average-sized feet, and our big and tall community. Tall Order designer socks come in sizes ranging from U.S Men’s 9-20. You can navigate to a specific product in order to see the sizes available, or if you are strictly looking for our larger sizes, see our XXL socks.

Stylish Patterns with Designer Quality

Although Tall Order is not in the same league as Gucci, Prada, or Balenciaga (yet!), our designer socks still have elegant, stylish patterns and are made with high-quality materials that will last. If you’re looking for socks from designer brands, that is not us. We make premium men’s designer dress socks that are affordable for the average person. We take pride in being a brand that is open to all and cares about catering to the big and tall community that is so often ignored in designer fashion.

So, although you won’t be getting a "famous" logo on your socks, you will be getting a high-quality pair of socks that you can use every day. They are comfortable, breathable, made of durable material, and come in stylish, designer prints. To learn more about the material we use for our socks, visit our blog post on the best materials for socks.

Our Best Selling Designer Dress Socks

When looking for a stylish pair of socks, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options. Everyone has a different taste and vision for what they want. In our designer collection, we offer both classic and modern patterns that are perfect for dressing an outfit up while adding a touch of color and flair. 

In this collection, some of our best sellers include our:

  1. Purple Paisley Dress Socks
  2. Tie Dye Dress Sock
  3. Blue and Grey Grid Socks

Our solid color socks collection is the perfect choice if you are looking for something a bit more simple. However, if you want to take the flair up a notch and have a premium sock that shows off your personality, consider our novelty socks collection!

    Don’t Forget The Other Top Drawer Essentials

    Having a stylish, durable pair of designer socks is essential to a well-rounded wardrobe. However, you can’t just wear socks when you leave the house! At the very least, you need an undershirt and a pair of underwear to go with it… and preferably clothes too but hey, we don’t judge! If you’re looking to grab all of the essentials, take a look at our latest line of big and tall underwear and big and tall undershirts.  

    We’ve Got Your Back (and Feet!)

    Whether you’re finding a pair of men’s designer socks for yourself or as a gift for someone else, Tall Order has you covered. With every purchase, Tall Order donates 10% to non-profits like Tuesday’s Children. Combine that with our sleek and stylish designs, extra large sizes, and 30-day money-back guarantee, and the choice is clear! Learn more about the Tall Order family by visiting the Our Story page.