The Tees - Black, Grey, and White Undershirts (Three-Pack) - Big and Tall Undershirts

$48.75 $65

Finally- undershirts that fit! Feel comfortable and confident all day with the softest, smoothest shirts fit for men of all sizes, even big & tall!  They're sleek enough to wear on their own, but also long enough to be the perfect undershirt. Tall Order Tees come in three great colors to compliment any outfit. Whether layered with a blazer, or worn under your suit, you'll be your best self in a Tall Order big & tall undershirt!


  • Super Soft Cotton Stretch Blend
  • Crew Neck that Holds its Shape
  • Moisture Control
  • Subtle Logo Placement for Easy Layering
  • Regular and Extended Sizes for All - Big and Tall, Wide, and Small

Size Chart

Size Chest Width Length
L 41-44" 30"
XL 45-48"
2XL 50-52" 32.5"
3XL 52-54"
4XL 54-56" 34"
LT 42-44" 33"
XLT 46-48" 34"
2XLT 50-52" 34.75"

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Big and Tall: Undershirts for All

Offered in regular length L to 4XL and extended length LT to 2XLT, Tall Order’s big and tall undershirts are perfect for men of any shape and size. Whether you are looking specifically for xl undershirts, or just want standard sizing, we have you covered!

Why Tall Order Undershirts?

At Tall Order, we believe everyone should be confident in what they are wearing. Finding an XL or XLT undershirt that fits properly can be difficult, especially for big & tall men. Our undershirts are made of a super soft cotton stretch blend that has ample breathability, moisture control, and comfort. The subtle logo allows you to wear our undershirts underneath formalwear or on their own. Our biggest advantage though is in our wide variety of sizes and true understanding of the market.

Founded by two big and tall men, Mike and Dan, Tall Order truly understands the importance of providing clothes that are durable, comfortable, and fit properly. With every purchase made, Tall Order also donates 10% to non-profits like Tuesday’s Children. You can learn more about the Tall Order family, our inspiration, and charitable donations by visiting the Our Story page

XL vs XLT Undershirts: What’s the Difference?

When comparing XL and XLT undershirts, the main difference is in the length. When looking closely at the sizing chart, you will notice that the XL undershirts are generally shorter in length when compared to the XLT ones. If you are on the taller side and generally don’t require a large amount of chest space in your shirts, you could benefit from buying an XLT size rather than our standard L-4XL sizes.

Our men’s tall undershirts (XLT) are also especially helpful if you’re searching specifically for an undershirt that stays tucked in. Being extra long, these undershirts can be easily tucked into pants and will have more wiggle room for bending over. If you have ever worn an undershirt that is slightly too short, you understand how this little bit of extra length can make a huge difference.

Pair Your Big & Tall Undershirt with Underwear!

Grab a pair of big and tall underwear to go with your fresh new undershirt. Tall Order offers boxer briefs in a variety of sizes and colors that pair perfectly with our undershirts. Made of ultra-flexible and breathable fabrics, our underwear will stay in place all day.

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