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Our Big and Tall Crew Socks Fit Everyone

At Tall Order, we offer big and tall crew socks in men’s sizes 9-20 so that, no matter your size, you can find a pair you are comfortable in. Tall Order was founded by two members of the big and tall community, Mike and Dan. Standing at 6’7” and 6’11” respectively, these brothers know how difficult it is to find socks that are both stylish and sized properly.

If you are looking for more options for these larger sizes, consider checking out our collection of size 16-20 socks and size 12-15 socks.

When Should You Wear Crew Socks?

Arguably, crew socks could be worn all of the time. There is no one ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ time to wear crew socks, but since they sit above the ankle, you have to consider the color palette and design of the sock.

In general, you can always play it safe with neutral solid color socks such as black, navy, and grey. These colors pair well with most outfits and won’t clash with any patterns. If you do choose from our novelty socks or designer socks and go with a pattern, consider how that pattern works with other colors and patterns you are wearing. Avoid mixing too many colors and patterns together as that can make your outfit appear busy.

Are Men’s Crew Socks Still In Style?

In our professional opinion, crew socks will never go out of style. That being said, style preferences have changed over the years. We are seeing people opt for no-show socks and ankle socks more often when wearing shorts.

Experiment with different socks and outfits to find what you feel the most comfortable in. At the end of the day, wear what makes you feel confident and happy, not what the latest trend is telling you to wear!


    Our Best-Selling Crew Socks

    With so many different options, choosing the right sock can become a difficult task! We thought we would make it easier by outlining some of our best-sellers. For our men’s crew socks, our best-sellers include:

    1. Bourbon Dress Socks
    2. Football Themed Dress Socks
    3. Blue Plaid Dress Socks

    It seems like our customers enjoy some of our more novelty prints! If you enjoy these, consider looking into some of our other collections that offer a wide variety of patterns and styles.