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Solid Color Socks For All Sizes

Our collection of solid color socks is truly for everyone. We offer our socks in men’s sizes 9-20 to ensure that even people with XL feet can find a high-quality pair of socks to wear. Tall Order was founded on the principle that everyone should be able to find socks, underwear, and undershirts that they are comfortable wearing

What Colors and Styles Are Offered?

We offer the four most popular solid sock colors on the market: white, black, navy blue, and grey. Each of these socks pairs well with almost every color you can imagine and is a truly versatile and essential part of your wardrobe. 

Although you can’t go wrong with a simple and effective solid color dress sock, we do have a post on how to color coordinate your socks with your shoes and suit that may be helpful if you are looking for some extra guidance.

In terms of styles, we have solid color crew socks, ankle socks, and no-shows so that no matter your preference or style you are sure to find something that suits you.

Our Best Selling Solid Color Socks

Although we only have four color choices, we thought we would break down which of our socks are the most popular within this collection. Although many think solid white socks are the most common, our sales show that our customers prefer our solid black options: 
  1. Solid Black Extra Cushioned Socks
  2. Solid Black Extra Cushioned Ankle Socks
  3. Solid White Extra Cushioned Ankle Socks

Now, if these solid color socks just seem a little too simple to you, don’t worry! We also carry a variety of patterned novelty socks, classic socks, and designer socks that can add a bit more flair and personality to your outfit. 

Solid Color vs. Patterned Socks: What’s Best?

Is there really a “best” choice for socks when comparing color and pattern options? We don’t really think so. Solid color dress socks have the benefit of being versatile and simple. You can pair solid color socks with any outfit no matter the pattern or colors (within reason). However, this versatility and simplicity can be a double-edged sword as solid colors typically don’t add any unique flair to your outfit. 

Patterned socks, on the other hand, have the benefit of being able to show off your personality and add a pop to an otherwise flat outfit. The downside of novelty socks is that you can run into issues clashing with other colors and patterns. 

Both solid and patterned socks have their place. We recommend wearing solid colors when you have patterns on your outfit, don’t want to risk clashing, or want a more simple, reliable, and clean look.

Why Tall Order?

No matter what you are here for, we take pride in having your back (and feet!) along the way. We donate 10% to non-profits like Tuesday’s Children, offer big and tall sizes, and have a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can learn more about the Tall Order family by visiting the Our Story page.