Standing tall at 6’11” and 6’9” respectively, Mike and Dan were often referred to as the “Twin Towers” growing up. With towering heights come large feet, and they often had trouble finding quality, stylish dress socks that fit comfortably.

As entrepreneurs, the brothers knew they needed to take the problem into their own hands (er, feet?) and create a solution. That’s why they began engineering socks for men sizes 9-20.

Our Story

"It's a triumph over tragedy"

- Lisa Friedman, Co-Founder


Our Inspiration

Andrew was not just a dedicated husband and father, but also a larger-than-life personality. He was referred to as a “giant teddy bear”, with his kindness coming through his large frame (he stood 6’5”). Prior to his death in the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center, he spent his entire summer playing a lot of golf and living life to his fullest- a lifestyle that was not lost on his family, which continues to make the most of every day. He always put others ahead of himself, setting the standard for the “Tall Order” the Friedmans try to match every day in business and in life.


CO-FOUNDER | Head of Product & Marketing

Standing at 6’9”, Dan knows the challenge of finding fashionable socks that fit his size-16 feet. After losing his dad in the World Trade Center on 9/11, even at age 11, he knew it would be a “Tall Order” to pay back those who had assisted him and his family. As he grew and his feet got bigger, he got jealous of his friends who were able to outfit themselves in fun and funky socks, because there were nothing like them available in his size. So he and his brother took the problem onto their own hands…errr, feet. 3 years after he began working on the initial concept that would become Tall Order, Dan re-joins the team full-time after receiving his MBA from Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia. He will use his knowledge and network from business school to lead product design and strategic initiatives, as well as produce communicative materials for internal and external stakeholders


CO-FOUNDER | Head of Sales & Customer Relationships

At 6’11, Mike is definitely the definition of a “tall order”. Even though he towers above everybody, he still is a “gentle giant.” Mike graduated from Syracuse University with a dual degree in Finance and Marketing, where he was also was a student manager/practice player on the Men’s Basketball team. There, he learned how teamwork is crucial for any group to be successful, whether in sports or in business. Mike then worked at Flushing Bank for 5 years in commercial lending. There he learned the importance of customer relationships and interaction, which is what he really enjoys at Tall Order. Mike has truly defined the phrase "triumph over tragedy" and loves his role as Head of Sales and Customer Relationships at Tall Order. He defines the values his dad taught him: to make every day count, to pay it forward, and to give back!


Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer | Mother of Two Very Tall Men

Lisa’s life experiences have shaped her to be a leader and a devoted mother. Not only a 9/11 widow, but also an ovarian cancer survivor, Lisa considers her twin sons, Mike and Dan, to be her “miracle children”. While raising her family, Lisa held several executive management roles in the corporate world, which makes her the perfect person to lead operational efforts for Tall Order. Having raised "twin towers”, she knew exactly how difficult it was to find the right socks for her children. Everything available was always plain and void of personality. Anything made for the big and tall market seemed like an afterthought, and short men can have big feet too! This insight has been a huge asset in developing the perfect socks for ALL men, regardless of their size.