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Big and Tall Striped Socks For All!

No matter your shoe size, our socks will fit! We offer big and tall striped socks in men’s sizes 9-20, so you are sure to find a pair that feels comfortable all day long. Tall Order was founded by two members of the big and tall community, Mike and Dan. Standing at 6’7” and 6’11” respectively, these brothers know how difficult it is to find socks that are both stylish and sized properly. 

If you are looking for more options for these larger sizes, consider checking out our collection of size 16-20 socks and size 12-15 socks.

What Should You Wear With Striped Socks?

Striped socks can be difficult to pair with certain outfits due to their tendency to clash with other patterns and colors. When wearing a pair of striped socks that are visible, consider two main things: color palette and patterns.

In terms of color palette, striped socks always feature at least two colors (or else there would be no stripes). However, certain pairs can also feature more than two colors. Our advice is to either pair striped socks with neutral colors (black, white, grey), or try to match the colors of your sock to an element of your outfit. For example, our blue and white striped socks could be worn with a black suit and a blue shirt. The black is neutral and the blue will compliment the blue in the sock.

Striped socks fall under the category of patterned. This means that you should generally avoid wearing other patterns when wearing these socks. For example, if you are wearing the blue and white striped socks, avoid wearing a striped shirt and plaid tie all at the same time. This can make your outfit look and feel busy. Tread carefully with pairing other patterned elements with striped crew socks!

Are Striped Crew Socks Appropriate For Formal Events?

Wearing a pair of striped socks is generally perfectly acceptable for a formal event. Each striped design has a unique feel to it and may seem more formal than others. Some striped patterns we offer, such as the Americana socks Stars and Stripes print may not be a good fit due to the strong color palette, but the others should pair nicely with a neutral suit.


    Our Best-Selling Striped Socks

    With so many different pairs of men’s striped socks, choosing just one can be difficult. We thought we would make it easier by outlining some of our best sellers within this collection:

    1. Purple, Grey, and White Striped Socks
    2. Blue and White Striped Socks
    3. Black, White, Grey, and Green Striped Socks

    If you are on the fence about the stripes, consider looking into some of our other collections such as our novelty socks, designer socks, or solid color socks (if you want to keep it simple).