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Finally… Big Socks That Fit

We understand your pain. When you have size 16-20 feet, finding shoes and socks can become a daunting and difficult task. We know these challenges all too well. Tall Order was founded by two brothers, Mike and Dan, who are 6’11’’ and 6’9’’ respectively.

Struggling to find stylish, comfortable socks to wear, they set out to start a sock company of their own! This collection of men’s XXL socks sizes 16-20 allows fellow members of the big and tall community to finally find something they are comfortable in and proud to show off!

Men's Extra Large Socks with Style

In recent years, the sock and shoe market has opened itself up more to larger sizes, but have you noticed how boring and simple most men’s XXL socks look? Black, white, or grey… those are your color choices for most stores selling size 16-20 socks for big feet. Maybe you get the occasional striped or plaid pattern, but even that can be rare. Tall Order was not just founded to provide comfortable men’s XXL socks, but also to enable people with larger feet to find fun, stylish socks for big feet that show off your personality.

Whether you are a sports fan, looking for something to add some flair to your outfit, or just looking for a high-quality pair of extra-large men’s socks, we have you covered!

We even have specific collections dedicated to different designs, such as our novelty socks and designer socks. If you like keeping it simple, you can also check out our solid color socks. Not all of these come in our largest sizes, but this 16-20 collection allows you to view all of our largest sock options in one place.


Our Best Selling Men's XXL Socks (16-20)

When looking for a new pair of socks for big feet, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all of the options, especially when the options are typically so slim for people with large feet. In our men’s XXL socks 16-20 collection, we offer both simple solid color options and socks with unique patterns and designs. No matter what you choose, you are sure to find socks that suit your personality.

In this collection, some of our best sellers include our:

Get All of Your XXL Essentials

Having a comfortable, stylish pair of socks is essential, but once you get your hands on these, you’ll realize you need to upgrade all of your extra-large essentials. That’s why Tall Order recently expanded into undershirts and underwear, so that we can provide our big and tall customers with everything they need.  

We’ve Got Your Back (and Feet!)

Whether you are looking for some men's XXL socks for your own large feet, or someone else’s, Tall Order has you covered. With every purchase, Tall Order donates 10% to non-profits like Tuesday’s Children. Combine that with our novelty designs, XXL 16-20 sizes, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, and the choice is clear! Learn more about the Tall Order family by visiting the Our Story page.