Socks are the New Shoes

Over the last few weeks, as many of us have been sheltered at home, our feet have enjoyed a nice break. They haven't been constrained to the confines of shoes and have enjoyed freedom to feel the floor beneath them. Socks have become our new shoes. With the exception of stepping out for essentials, exercise, or to walk the dog, we have spent unprecedented time within our homes. My brother Mike and I aren't even sheltered together: he on Long Island close to one of our warehouses, and I’m in the epicenter of the pandemic in NYC. Our mom is also in Florida - like everyone else, we Zoom, we text, we talk. But when you're a twin, being separated is hard. We, like you, look forward to seeing our family, friends, and co-workers in person soon to laugh, embrace, and share joyful moments together.

What has the "new normal" meant for you? For me, it's meant getting used to things that are way outside of routine. Like rarely putting on shoes. Now that your socks won't be hidden by your shoes, why not use this free time to refresh your sock drawer? Offering socks with fun designs and vivid patterns, Tall Order is ready to help you put together a new wardrobe for your feet. Tall Order socks fit up to shoe size 20 -- finally, socks designed specifically for big & tall men! They feel great with added stretch in all our patterns, as well as extra cushioning and arch support in select styles.  Brighten up your day with socks that reflect your optimism that better days are ahead. Because they are. 


-Dan Friedman, Co-Founder of Tall Order