Tall Order - Aaron Judge Top Drawer 99 Crew Socks

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Playing right field, #99, Aaron Judge, #99. Showcase your fandom of the Yankees captain with Aaron’s specially-designed #99 crew socks . Featuring his signature gavel logo embroidered on the sides, this #99 print will look great when you’re headed to the game, or just watching on the couch at home.


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Showcase your fandom of the Yankees' captain with Aaron’s specially designed #99 crew socks. Featuring his signature gavel logo embroidered on the sides, this #99 print will look great when you’re headed to the game or just watching on the couch at home.

What is a Crew Sock?

Stepping into the world of socks, you'll encounter a variety of styles tailored for different needs and occasions. Yet, one style stands out for its remarkable balance and versatility. Not too short, like ankle socks, and not too long, like knee-highs, crew socks are the perfect in-between sock, hitting midway up your calf. Their length ranges from 6 to 8 inches, starting from the heel.

These trusty accessories are an everyday sock superstar, offering a harmonious blend of style, comfort, and substance for sports, informal looks, and even formal occasions. Pair them with anything from trainers to dress shoes; they won't disappoint you.

How to Style Crew Socks

Finding ways to style crew socks might seem confusing initially, but it's simple. The trick is blending them seamlessly with your outfit, like adding spices to a dish. Let's get into some trendy yet straightforward ways to elevate your style game with these dynamic socks:

  • Sporty Chic:Pair your #99 crew socks with cool sneakers for a fun, athletic look. Complete the ensemble with casual wear; you're all set for a casual day out.
  • Vintage Vibe:Match colorful crew socks with loafers and high-waisted shorts for those who adore the bygone fashion era. You'll capture the classic vintage vibe that never goes out of style!
  • Casual Twist:Amp up your casual attire by allowing your #99 crew socks to peek out from rolled-up jeans. Match the socks' color with your clothes or shoes to create a cohesive look.
  • Formal Elegance: Even in a more formal setting, crew socks have a part to play. Pair them with sharp Oxfords for an elegant, office-ready look. Stick with traditional black or grey to maintain the formal tone.

Remember, crew socks are versatile; don't limit yourself. Feel free to experiment with patterns and colors, adding a unique charm to every outfit.

Aaron Judge’s Height Has Caused Struggles

Standing tall among his peers, Aaron Judge's monumental stature has been advantageous and challenging. His large shoe size of 17 posed a considerable struggle, particularly during his school years. Allowed only a pair of shoes per school term, Judge frequently grappled with discomfort as his feet grew, causing the shoes to feel increasingly constricting.

During his teenage years, managing his towering height proved to be another challenge in a small town with a modest population of about 1,800. His significant height made him distinct, at times leading to uncomfortable attention.

Additionally, his exceptional shoe size often limited his choice of footwear, robbing him of the exciting experience of selecting shoes that suited his style.

However, by transforming these challenges into stepping stones, Judge has successfully powered to a shining career in Major League Baseball. Furthermore, his astonishing 6'7" height, once a source of struggle, has morphed into a defining feature of his iconic personality and athleticism. It is a testament to his resilience and perseverance, and Judge is admired unequivocally by countless baseball fans.

Tall Order Crew Socks are Designed for Tall People

Embracing his stature, Aaron Judge has transformed what was once a hurdle into a unique advantage. His towering height and size 17 shoe, which created challenges during his younger days, have now inspired a pioneering initiative.

Partnering with Tall Order, Judge wishes to ensure people with larger feet are no longer deprived of great-looking, comfortable socks. And so, the #99 crew socks were born.

Embellished with his signature gavel logo, the #99 crew socks are more than footwear—they're a statement of style and acceptance. Perfect on the field or while lounging on the couch, they offer exceptional comfort and a distinctive aesthetic.

Our Tall Order #99 Crew Socks are carefully designed to cater to the needs of taller individuals, turning what used to be a 'tall order' into a piece of cake. By choosing the #99 crew socks, you're selecting a high-quality product and becoming part of a journey redefining the experience for those with large feet.

So go ahead, feel the difference one step at a time with the remarkable #99 crew socks!


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