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Twenty years later, 9/11: twins who lost their father on 9/11 pay it in advance by helping others
Mike and Dan Friedman of Tall Order Socks

New York City (WABC)-Twin boys whose father was killed in the 9/11 attacks are paying for it one leg at a time.

Mike and Dan Friedman, who were only 11 years old when they lost their father on 9/11, are fulfilling his legacy in great order.

Their dad had just got a new job on the 92nd floor of the North Tower.

“After he didn’t come home for the first two nights, he was probably staying at a hotel cleaning himself up, so I really thought he would come back,” Dan said.

“It was a very tough and tragic and tragic realization,” said Mike.

Their dad, their hero, their first coach never went through the door again, but somehow his son still fills his shoes.

“We were flocking to dinner with Mike and I, who had been working for the company for several years after graduating from college. Both of us have a concrete impact on what we are doing. I realized I couldn’t do it. It made a lot of sense to us and we couldn’t prepay it to thank the people who helped us in the aftermath of 9/11, so we immediately started our business. I decided to start, “Dan said.

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