The Benefits of Wearing Socks: Why Are Socks Important

If you opened this blog post, you probably thought, “of course a guy with a sock company is going to tell me that socks are important.” And you would be right- of course it is vital to wear socks, but not just for the reasons you think. Yes, I’m biased towards trying to point you towards Tall Order socks. But, as a fellow member of society I’m looking out for you as a human as well.

There are many reasons why it is important to wear socks, and we’ll touch on a few of these in this blog. While it’s paramount to have a pair of socks on your feet most of the day, it’s just as important to match the sock you’re wearing to the activity you’re doing (or not doing). You also want to find the best-quality socks for your usage and budget, so as not to have to replace them frequently. 

What Types of Socks are There?

We’ve previously covered types of socks on this blog in the past from the perspectives of fabric, quality, moisture control, and warmth. In each of these past write-ups, we’ve summarized types of socks based on fit, function, and fabric, and additional features. To quickly recap, here are some common sock types:

Everyday socks

The most versatile of all sock types; can commonly come in different lengths for different outfit options. Usually made of cotton or polyester blends, they can contain features found in other sock types to make them even more versatile

Athletic socks

Designed for specific sports and activities, athletic socks are usually built with extra cushioning and arch support for maximum comfort when feet are taking on a lot of impact. They are usually made of polyester blends and feature moisture-wicking capabilities.

Warming Socks

Built specifically for keeping your feet warm during cold climates, warming socks are usually long to ride up the leg and made of thick fabrics (such as wool or alpaca) to provide maximum coziness outside or around a fireplace.

Medical Socks

Some socks are specifically made for health benefits. These include compression socks (to increase blood flow) and extra arch support socks (to help shape or contour the foot). We delve deeper into arch support in one of our previous blog entries, but we also advise you to speak to your doctor or podiatrist with any concerns about wearing socks for medical purposes.

The Benefits of Wearing Socks Throughout the Day

Besides helping you look better by complementing an outfit choice, socks provide numerous health benefits throughout the day:

  • Odor prevention - odor-causing bacteria build up on the feet throughout the day, and the warm, moist environment of the shoe supports this growth.The right socks can serve as a barrier between your smelly feet and the outside world.
  • Cushioning - whether you’re working from home or living an active lifestyle, your feet take a beating everyday. Cushioned socks can help alleviate discomfort from being on your feet or in your shoes all day.
  • Blister prevention - when your feet rub against your shoes while walking, blisters can easily form on the back of your heels. The right socks can provide a guard against friction, allowing you to have your shoes on all day without fear of blisters forming (read more in our previous blog on socks rubbing your feet)
  • Fungal infection prevention - fungi, such as those that cause athlete's foot, thrive on sockless feet. If you want to avoid fungal infections, your best defense is wearing socks often.

While it’s ok every now and then to wear a more breathable footwear option, such as sandals or flip flops, those don’t provide the necessary support for everyday lifestyles with even minimal amounts of walking. Additionally, because of how much feet sweat even when not being used for activities, most medical professionals advise against wearing shoes with sockless feet for extended periods of time. Contrary to popular belief, it’s even ok to wear your socks when you go to sleep for maximum health benefits!

The Importance of a Well-Fitting Sock

You can’t capture any of the health benefits of socks if you don’t find the right fit for your feet. If socks are too loose, they will bunch up, causing sagging at the best and lots of friction at the worst. On the other hand, if they are too tight, bacteria and fungi growth will be encouraged, and your feet won’t be properly cushioned for impact throughout the day. We recently discussed the importance of proper sock fitting, but here’s a quick summary of the relevant tips to ensure your socks are properly sized and correctly placed on the foot:

  1. The heel should be aligned with the designated area
  2. Your toes should have ample space to flex while walking
  3. Socks should be snug, but allow your feet to expand 
  4. The elastic band should stay up and be above your shoes to reduce friction
  5. Fabric shouldn’t bunch excessively and seams should feel comfortable

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