Aaron Judge Men’s Compression Boxer Briefs | Game-Ready 7” Underwear | Tall

$29.40 $42

A good workout or sport activity requires a solid foundation in your core, and you can bolster your base with our new Men's Compression Boxer Briefs. With select compression to increase blood flow, and moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology, these boxer briefs are the best performance underwear you can find. Aaron doesn’t compromise on his base layers, and neither should you.


  • Tall sizes - available in Men’s LT & XLT
  • Recycled polyester/spandex blend
  • Select compression to increase blood flow
  • Moisture control
  • Mesh ventilation 
  • Anti-odor technology
  • Anti-chafing seams
  • Tag free

Underwear Size Chart

Size Chart


Waist (in inches)

L / LT




2XL / 2XLT






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Offered in sizes L to 4XL, Tall Order boxer briefs are perfect for men of any shape and size. Whether you are looking for big and tall underwear, or just want standard sizing, we have you covered!

Why Tall Order Underwear?

At Tall Order, we believe everyone should be confident in what they are wearing. A durable, comfortable pair of men’s big and tall underwear is difficult to find, let alone the outfit to wear on top of it! That is why we set out to make the most comfortable, durable, high-quality undergarments on the market. Our underwear is made of a breathable, lightweight synthetic blend that allows for all-day comfort.

With every purchase made, Tall Order also donates 10% to non-profits like Tuesday’s Children. You can learn more about the Tall Order family, our inspiration, and charitable donations by visiting the Our Story page

How Should Men’s Underwear Fit?

Knowing how underwear fits is the first step in purchasing better underwear you can rely on for all-day comfort and support. You should be able to move comfortably in your underwear without experiencing slippage, bunching, or irritation from friction. Underwear for big and tall men is especially difficult as tightness and bunching are common problems when boxer briefs are too small.

When you buy a pair of underwear, test them out. Sit down, stand up, do a squat. Move in them enough to know that they won’t slip, bunch, or bother you. Pay mind to the location of seams, and how they breathe. Finding a comfortable pair of underwear that is breathable, flexible, and comfortable is tricky, but at Tall Order, we try to make that process a bit easier, especially for those looking specifically for big and tall underwear!

Pair Your Big and Tall Underwear with Socks!

Grab a pair of big and tall socks to go with your fresh new pair of underwear. Tall Order offers a variety of sizes, patterns, and styles that match perfectly with our underwear line. Made of a cushioned, moisture-wicking material, Tall Order socks are sure to provide long-lasting comfort no matter your size.

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