How To Keep Your Shirt Tucked In [Tips That Actually Work!]

Have you ever had your shirt come untucked? Your sleek look starts to look disheveled as the day progresses.

Then, soon after you fix it, it happens again.

And again.

I know this can be frustrating, but it’s pretty common, especially among tall men. You can try some tricks for a  better fit, although if that doesn’t help, the problem is probably the wrong size. 

Key things to remember:

  1. Shirts usually come untucked because they are too short
  2. There are some simple techniques to try and keep your shirt tucked in.
  3. Big and Tall guys need big and tall sizes, like our  XLT undershirts, as they give length to undershirts and keep everything in place.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Shirt Tucked in

It can be irritating having your shirt become untucked, especially multiple times throughout the day. So here are some of the best ways to keep your shirt sleek and presentable all day. 

1. Ensure Your Shirt and Undershirt Fit Properly

The main reason shirts become untucked is a poor fit or short length. How do you know if your shirt fits? Here are some things to look for:

  • The seam on the sleeve should hit the top of your shoulder.
  • You should be able to button up your collar easily and fit two fingers. If you can fit more than that, the collar is too large.
  • The chest should fit tight but not uncomfortably so.
  • The armholes should be tapered with no loose fabric under your arms.
  • The shirt should taper at the waist.
  • The sleeves should go up to the base of your thumb and no further.
  • You need at least 3 inches of fabric beyond the waistline. If your shirt becomes untucked when you lift your arms, it's too short.

2. Try The Military Tuck Method

This technique is how people in the armed forces are taught to tick in their shirts. You can do that by folding loose fabric diagonally with a sharp crease, similar to making a paper airplane. Then, you tuck in the crease, put on your pants, and secure the tuck with your belt. 

Although this method is pretty straightforward, you might need a bit of practice before you get it right. It's one of the sleekest ways to tuck in your shirt and can be a great option in a hurry. 

Properly fitting shirts from Tall Order

3. Use Shirt Stays

Shirt stays have a simple concept; they attach to your shirt and body, so your shirt stays pulled down. This method is a more heavy-duty alternative to the military tuck. Some shirt stays can remain in place even during vigorous physical activity. 

There is a wide range of shirt stays on the market. Some attach to your thigh, others to your feet or socks. It may take trial and error and purchasing a few different ones until you find what suits you best. 

All shirt stays have pros and cons. For instance, shirt stays around the thigh are the most versatile but can irritate the skin, whereas models that go down to your feet can only be worn with long pants. So while shirt stays can be a good option for some, many people find them unnecessary. 

4. Apply Rubber Grip To Your Pants

A slightly less conventional option to help your shirt stay tucked in (sometimes referred to as a "tailors trick”) is to attach a rubber grip to your pants' waistline. You can connect this by sewing it on yourself or getting a professional tailor to do it for you.

Rubber grips tend to get the job done because they increase friction and hold a firmer grip on your shirt. 

Why Does Your Shirt Not Stay Tucked-In?

If you exhausted all the shirt tricks and it’s still not fitting correctly, let's face it, you might need a better fitting option.  The same applies to other items of clothing — your undershirt, T-shirt, or outwear may all fit awkwardly if they're too short. If that's the case, your best option is to upgrade to XLT clothing designed specifically to fit taller men. The XLT sizes include both your shirt and undershirt, as getting just one of those can mean that the other keeps coming untucked, which would, of course, be quite annoying!

Stop Suffering With Untucked Shirts. Upgrade to XLT!

Here at Tall Order, we believe that everyone deserves to wear properly-fitting clothing. We know how frustrating finding the right size can be for big and tall men, which is why we offer a wide range of sizes. We also prioritize comfort, so our clothing is breathable and has excellent moisture control. Get your new undershirt now — in the right fit — and you'll never have to worry about it becoming untucked again!